Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S announcement

Apple iPhone 4S was released today finally after generating months of media buzz. While Apple and its new CEO Tim Cook touts it as one of the biggest iPhone release yet, its interesting to see what harm it has caused.
  • Saddened people's hearts by not releasing iPhone 5.
  • Tech news sites like CNET news, Mashable and Engadget were faltering with the heavy user traffic tuning for the live coverage.
  • Sprint tumbled after reports of its commitment to buy $20 billion worth of iPhone, stock reacted with a 10% decline.
  • Unhappy Apple shareholders, the stock was down by more than 4% after the announcement.
  • Embarrassed so many tech reporters on various news sites including WSJ, New York Times who got it completely wrong. Boy Genius Report even had leaked pictures of iPhone 5 cases.
  • Apple has made a joke of itself as the name of its new virtual assistant app Siri in Japanese sounds almost identical to 尻 (pronounced Shiri), a colloquial term for "buttocks".
Stacking the iPhone 4S to the rumors leading to the announcement:

RumoriPhone 4S
AppearanceWider, thinner, new home buttonNo
ProcessorDual core A5 chipDual core A5 chip
Maximum Storage64 GB model64 GB model
Network4G LTEHSPA+
Screen4-inch display3.5-inch display
Camera8 megapixel, 1080p video8 megapixel, 1080p video
CellularBoth GSM & CDMAWorld phone
Data SharingNear Field CommunicationNo
CarriersSprint in addition to AT&T, VerizonSprint in addition to AT&T, Verizon
ApplicationsPersonal assistantSiri - Personal Assistant

So looking at the table above it is clear that except the form factor, screen and the version, Apple seems to have gotten it closer to the rumors. Also iPhone 4S is more energy efficient than its predecessor while providing a faster dual core A5 processor as discussed here. Is it then because of the strong iPhone 5 rumor leading to the event that disappointed observers? Where will it leave Apple in its fight with Android? Only time will tell.

Please comment on how you feel about the announcement.

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